Thursday, October 06, 2005

Another drop

Drinking lots of water!

Stupid people (not ignorant; beside being polysyllabic that’s still an individual choice) who blindly follow this administration only perpetuate its evils.

The corruption that has been exposed in Washington lately is only the tip of the iceberg. Miers, Bush’s dedicated Supreme Court nominee crony, has so little information available that a photo was posted showing her notifying Bush of the Al Qaeda threat on August 6, 2001. Oops.

Those who continue to defend Bush must be dedicated Fox fans. The GAO recently decided that White House payments to newsmen pushing WH policies were illegal; this despite White House counsel previously defending the use of our funds to manipulate our minds. Hmmm, isn’t Miers White House counsel?

International law prevents the invasion of a sovereign country. Saddam or not, Bushco knew they’d better manipulate intelligence to support their illegal decision. What has been done in Iraq is another Holocaust. Europe estimates there have been over 100,000 civilian deaths. There have been unprecedented deaths of journalists, many by U.S. troups. It’s become obvious to those who do not depend on U.S. news sources (try the UK) that the hands of our country are dripping blood.

Since when are the lives of Iraqi citizens less deserving of consideration than U.S. citizens? What would you do if your country were invaded? We have allowed Bushco to make us a nation of murderers; both of Iraqi civilians and our own youth.

For those self-satisfied persons with pure funds of knowledge about our president, a little peek into another world might be an earthshaking experience.

Text of the Pentagon Torture Memo from WSJ

Could Bush administration officials be prosecuted for 'war crimes' as a result of new measures used in the war on terror? The White House's top lawyer thought so.

Abu Ghraib Detainees' Statements Describe Sexual Humiliation And Savage Beatings.

I have nothing but disgust for this sociopath and his administration and for those who support his murderous ways. If you think you have anything to say about how your government operates anymore, file that notion under Urban Legends. "This government of the people, by the people, for the people has become the Bush / Republican government of the special interests, by the special interests, for the special interests."


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Diana Rowe Pauls said...

great letter! I could picture steam coming out of a certain someone's ears until her head exploded! Wonder what the response will be!