Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Getting dry here.

I sometimes envision the 58% pro-Bushco Idahoans being smacked in the head with one of those giant picture postcard potatoes. Suddenly, the administration is revealed for what it is–a Stephen King movie!

It is now obvious to me that I have expected too much of these people. They approve of their senators once again defeating an increase in the minimum wage. There must be some attraction to working two and three jobs to make ends meet that I fail to appreciate. Meanwhile, they continue to support Craig and Crapo pocketing $162,100 per year (seven raises totaling $28,000 since the last minimum wage increase).

Sen. Michael Enzi, R-Wyo did submit an amendment to increase the minimum wage by $1.10 which was defeated. It included wiping out the 40-hour work week, cutting overtime pay and lessening job safety and health protection. Small business would have been exempted from the Fair Labor Standards Act. I suspect they want to get rid of that $1.10 before all of the other benefits are approved.

I noticed Craig drafted another amendment to exempt large cow factories from admitting what they are releasing into the air. Smooth move, Ex-Lax. I guess people do like holding their breath until they hit the mountains.

It’s almost a guessing game waiting for winter. Will there be one so we have water next year or will it bury us? How many elderly on fixed incomes will die if everything freezes? The 58% must see the wisdom in reducing the number of Social Security beneficiaries. Don’t worry though, because oil companies just posted 75 to 89% profit increases last quarter.

Seymour Hersh, renown for uncovering much of this administration’s hidden agenda, was recently asked his opinion on the future of America. He replied, “We’re screwed.”

Our nation’s poor have increased by 4 million since 2001; this after three years of GOP-hyped “economic recovery.” Low unemployment means little when new jobs don’t provide enough income to escape poverty. In 2004, 50% of income went to the top 1/5 of households; most of it to the top 5%.

Now Congress is cutting programs for the disadvantaged to pay for gulf reconstruction and Iraq while retaining tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest in our society.

If these people ever decide they’re missing some inalienable rights they used to have, I know a few cow factories where they can dig for them.


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