Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hysterically funny!

Stephen Colbert's appearance at the White House Correspondent's dinner can be linked through I laughed so hard (in between gasps at his amazing temerity to tell the truth) my jaws ache.

A side note: Considering the accusations of left-wing media perpetrated by the lying GOP over these past 6 years, watch and see how many in the audience refused to smile, laugh, or give anything but a smattering of applause.

Colbert is the best of heroes; nobody expected it!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What In The World is Wrong with You People?

Submitted to Times-News on 04/25/06

Lois, the mother on Malcolm in the Middle, typifies sheer outrage when she yells, “What in the world is wrong with you people?” Exactly my reaction when I saw Idaho approval for Bush up to 55% again in March.

Even the mainstream media are forced to mention Bushco scandals what with new ones unveiled almost every day. Don’t those glued to Fox News at least wonder why nationwide approval of the president is down to 32%?

Ask yourself why Dubya immediately orders investigations of ”leaks” that alert Americans to the extent of wrongdoing by this administration, but evidence of lies by Dubya and his gang are never investigated other than by their own appointees, and official inquiries are never answered.

Tyler Drumheller, CIA head of covert operations in Europe, appeared on 60 minutes on May 23 and revealed his knowledge of widespread administration cherry-picking of evidence for WMD and the push for war. But despite three interviews with the Robb-Silbermann Commission and two with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (this one only after they released their report), Drumheller and his colleagues were stunned at how little of this information ended up in the reports.

If this rotten-from-the-core-out administration fails to completely destroy our civil rights in the next two years, (and they’re well on their way), eventually we will learn the whole truth hidden by their self-investigations, every last one of them, to include 911.

Aimee New

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Just when you think protesting Bushco in Idaho is futile (as his approval hits 55% once again), a Canadian comes to the rescue!

It's all too easy to become frustrated and heartsick watching this execrable excuse for leadership continue to destroy the world. Spittin' in the Snake has reached a saturation resulting in inability to issue letters of protest to the Times-News, and it's certainly not for a lack of subjects!

But as of May, our windows will be rattling with Neil Young's Living With War, in a background of computer keys clicking.

Steve Goldstein posts on the Living With War blog: "Starting April 28, fans can log onto Young's Web site,, and listen to the 10-track collection in its entirety, free of charge, said Bill Bentley, a spokesman for Warner Music Group's Reprise Records."

Friday, April 07, 2006

America For Sale, The Cost of Republican Corruption

This excellent report by Rep. Louise Slaughter, was taken off Nancy Pelosi's site after Republican threats. However, I did copy it before that happened. If anyone wants me to e-mail them a copy, just leave your e-mail address in comments.

Founding Daughter

Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Opinionhated

The following appeared in the Gooding County Leader on Thursday, April 6.

I've been put in my place

Well, gee whiz and shuckie darn! Was I ever put in my place by that letter from Aimee New. She has a distinct advantage over me being able to quote Emerson and all, when I barely remember who he is.

Although I did notice a slight paradox in the analog which, at first, I thought was supposed to be directed at me. The quote (Emerson's) loosely translated, as I humbly understand it, is that a person's character is defined by what one says or writes. And what did Ms. New do in the remainder of her letter? She, with her vitriolic rambling, defined her own character.

Unfortunately, she very publicly hoist by her own petard.

Kathy Rooney, Gooding

Response submitted to GCL on 04/06/2006

Oh come on, Rooney, for once answer the letter instead of playing Karl Rove’s assistant!

Just what is it that compels you to perpetuate the unethical pit bull attitude so successfully implemented by this destructive administration? Are you still defending Delay and Dubya? Or aren’t treason and persistent lawbreaking as bad as a group of progressives meeting on a Friday night?

If I follow your reasoning, and it is a ramble, Aimee New displayed her character in much the same way as you, merely by exposing you? On the contrary, I think it’s about time that people of good character learn to stand up against the destructive elements in our society who believe facts are a luxury.

If you had really been “put in your place,” we wouldn’t have to be reading your letters any more.

Sharon Metcalf