Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Opinionhated

The following appeared in the Gooding County Leader on Thursday, April 6.

I've been put in my place

Well, gee whiz and shuckie darn! Was I ever put in my place by that letter from Aimee New. She has a distinct advantage over me being able to quote Emerson and all, when I barely remember who he is.

Although I did notice a slight paradox in the analog which, at first, I thought was supposed to be directed at me. The quote (Emerson's) loosely translated, as I humbly understand it, is that a person's character is defined by what one says or writes. And what did Ms. New do in the remainder of her letter? She, with her vitriolic rambling, defined her own character.

Unfortunately, she very publicly hoist by her own petard.

Kathy Rooney, Gooding

Response submitted to GCL on 04/06/2006

Oh come on, Rooney, for once answer the letter instead of playing Karl Rove’s assistant!

Just what is it that compels you to perpetuate the unethical pit bull attitude so successfully implemented by this destructive administration? Are you still defending Delay and Dubya? Or aren’t treason and persistent lawbreaking as bad as a group of progressives meeting on a Friday night?

If I follow your reasoning, and it is a ramble, Aimee New displayed her character in much the same way as you, merely by exposing you? On the contrary, I think it’s about time that people of good character learn to stand up against the destructive elements in our society who believe facts are a luxury.

If you had really been “put in your place,” we wouldn’t have to be reading your letters any more.

Sharon Metcalf

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