Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How many Idahoans are aliens?

On the March 18 Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer issued a travel advisory for visitors from outer space. Referring to the Libby trial and the Justice Department regarding the latest Bushco scandal, he would excuse aliens for thinking that government service is "harder on memory than Alzheimer's."

This administration is remarkably deficient in recall but are always able to swear they didn't do whatever was done. Is that selective memory?

Research shows that December's Bush purge consisted of almost as many U.S. attorneys as were let go in the past 25 years, with e-mails confirming that dismissals were based on perceived disloyalty to Bush's agenda.

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein recently said that in the Bush administration, "disinformation, misinformation and unwillingness to tell the truth – a willingness to lie both in the Oval Office, in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, in the office of the vice president, the vice president himself – is something that I have never witnessed before on this scale."

Gee, do you think that's why Bush offered to have Rove and Miers testify behind closed doors, without being put under oath and with no written record of the session?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said, "After telling a bunch of different stories about why they fired the U.S. Attorneys, the Bush Administration is not entitled to the benefit of the doubt. Congress and the American people deserve a straight answer. If Karl Rove plans to tell the truth, he has nothing to fear from being under oath like any other witness."

Oddly enough, these same Republicans have perfect recall of every talking point created by the Republican National Committee in the last 5 years. And Schieffer didn't really have to target aliens for his travel advisory; he could just as well given it to most Idahoans.

Sharon Metcalf