Saturday, November 24, 2007

Red Idaho Potatoes

I wonder what measures a devoted Idaho Bushie will use to ensure a twitch-free conscience when the truth is no longer avoidable? Is it possible that by ignoring it for so long, they have lost the ability of discernment?

Maybe they’ll adopt one of George’s methods; a combination of outright lies with constant reminders that he is “the decider.” Let’s call that man-stipulation.

Who else but George would use a pass-off reverse flip-flop to take credit for the discovery that skin cells can be used in stem cell research? And all because of his refusal to allow embryonic stem cell research...who’d a thunk it?

White House responses to accusations of torture and the Abu-Ghraib situation are known as falseHOODS.

Ever worry about the unprecedented secrecy of this administration and rewriting of history? The new rule is if truth has been successfully hidden before some nosy traitor reveals it (e.g., executive privilege for all, including the plumber), who’s to say Bush’s pants are on fire? Certainly not the plumber; he’d have to do his work all over again.

Oh, and about those 20,000 U.S. troops found with combat brain injuries not included in the Pentagon tally of 30,327 total wounded–I think they’ve been concealed in the same place as the 6,256 active and retired vets who committed suicide in 2005. CBS collected data from 45 states to get this number after the Department of Defense response was “only” 2,200 suicides by active duty vets between 1995 and 2007. See

In 7 years, this administration has gone from “compassionate conservatism” to “pervasive perversion.”

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bush to Idaho: "Let Them Eat Potatoes"

Whew. For a while there I was getting worried after reading about the sinking dollar, but Bush has reiterated his dedication to a strong dollar policy.

Steve Pizzo writes, “Oil is not reaching for $100 a barrel because oil is worth anything close to that. It's because the US dollar is falling in value and oil producers, while slippery, are not stupid. They aren't about to let the US buy their oil with cheaper and cheaper dollars. So they are demanding more bucks for a barrel. Eventually they will do as China is about to do, detach the value of their products and currencies from the value of the US dollar. When that process is complete the US dollar will find itself trading along with third-world currencies.”

Concerning another aspect of our “strong economy,” Mike Whitney recently wrote: “Is it possible that anyone with a pulse and a minimal ability to reason couldn’t see the inherent problems of building a humongous financial edifice on the prospect that millions of first-time homeowners with a bad credit history and no collateral would pay off their mortgages in a timely and responsible manner?”

This is where I raise my hand and invite him to Idaho. Many people here even believe the Labor Department’s August inflation report of food prices rising at 4.1 percent for the year ending in June, without realizing the report neglected to mention that milk, eggs and other essentials are inflating in double digits. This administration plays so many cute jokes!

You don’t suppose that a “strong dollar policy” means Americans will need to be very strong in order to carry enough dollars to the grocery store?