Monday, March 27, 2006

You mean painted like this?


See blog We Have Failed Our Duty as Citizens, "I Can't Win With These People."

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.” Kathy Rooney’s recent opinion of a letter by Diana Pauls certainly illustrates that point.

Diana Pauls has a history of supporting the Gooding community through various service organizations other than the progressive group. She is an intelligent, well-intentioned person who has much to offer our town and her letter was a sincere attempt to correct local misconceptions.

Yes, the “far left” does have a sense (not senses) of humor. Rooney should learn that cloaking unnecessary nastiness and even threats of lost business with witticisms a 10-year-old could relate to is not a sense of humor.

For someone who predicts that “nobody will care about the ‘Drinking Liberally’ group,” she has expended no little energy spouting off about it.

Rooney couldn’t resist an opportunity to accuse the “far left” of questionable practices honed to perfection by this administration. Besides, knowledge would take a little investigation on her part and turning off Fox. A good portion of the country is awakening to the danger we are in; others must think they will be “swept up” instead of “swept out” as Dubya has in mind for them.

Rooney’s statement that drinking conservatively “in my experience, definitely is not the case” was entirely unnecessary. I could have guessed.

Aimee New

Friday, March 17, 2006

Permanent bases versus diversion

(Submitted to Times-News 03/17/2006)

On March 16 the house approved by voice vote an amendment of Representative Barbara Lee, declaring that no funds will be used to enter into military base agreements between the US and Iraq. This administration has repeatedly denied the reality of permanent bases in Iraq, although on March 15, General John Abazaid, told the House Defense Appropriations committee that we could in fact end up having permanent bases in Iraq. Abazaid is in charge of the US troops in Iraq.

But it was Operation Swarmer that inundated the cable news channels this week. A guest on CNN accused cable news channels of irresponsibility in their ramped-up coverage of such a non-event.

Now look for the disconnect here. Have you heard anything about permanent bases? Why not? And how newsworthy is it for 800 Iraqi and 700 American soldiers to sweep an area that only contains 1,500 people? How many “permanent” bases already exist?

Tom Engelhardt writes, “...these bases, with some of the most expensive and advanced communications systems on the planet, are like vast spaceships that have landed from another solar system. Representing a staggering investment of resources, effort, and geostrategic dreaming, they are the unlikeliest places for the Bush administration to hand over willingly to even the friendliest of Iraqi governments.”

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke about the Iraq debacle: “It is a failed occupation as a consequence of a decision-making process that compounds errors, that involves a very narrow group of true believers, and that evades responsibility and accountability – for errors and even crimes. No one responsible for wrong judgments has been fired. No one responsible for setting in motion a chain of events that produced extraordinarily embarrassing crimes has been put on trial.”

Every trembling, fear-filled American who has swallowed the lies of this administration needs to look at the reality that many other Bushco creations will likely impact their life before Bush’s bogeyman terrorist. Things like the poles melting and not reforming for two years; unprecedented economic imbalances; loss of U.S. manufacturing; unavailable clean water, the selling of America; loss of civil rights; the 1,500 foreign purchases in America, CFIUS approved..

We cannot just focus on the “disaster of the moment” with this group. It’s almost a given that the moment attention is diverted elsewhere, they get busy under the radar...and those elected who have failed to protect our rights should never be elected again.

Stan Metcalf

Monday, March 06, 2006

Balance Dowd with new Coulter column


Thank you for printing the op-ed by Ann Coulter (Feb. 24).

I may be stating the obvious; however, it seems the majority of articles in this forum have a recurring theme. Liberal authors can pretty much discuss issues as they see them; conservative authors' viewpoints tend to be muted unless they oppose the current administration's policies.

In fairness to all readers, we should see as many of Ann's as we do of Maureen Dowd's.

Response from Founding Daughter to above.

Conservative authors face an uphill battle in proving their viewpoints; lack of facts supporting their claims and inability to request the death of those whose viewpoints they don't like (unlike Ann Coulter) for fear of being arrested for "terrorist threats."

As for balance, Dowd at least sometimes comes up with an original idea. Coulter simply makes outrageous statements that could be heard at many a bar in Idaho at closing time.

I suspect she is mainly read by men named "Buck" who own pitbulls. Wait until they hear she's a transsexual!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Someone said a president ages at roughly twice the norm

while in office. Then why do I feel 50 years older since 2001? Should we make it to a 2008 presidential election without having martial law imposed and if somehow the wide open GOP voting machines implode, maybe my vision of the future can be shelved.

Compare this:

with Bush critics (if they manage to stay out of detention centers).

with the 1% thanks to permanent tax reductions.

with the American work force in 2009.

with New Orleans in 2009.

with America, now a foreign country having been sold off by the Bush administration, now being invaded by his private Blackhawk force!

Happy 2009!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thank you Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bushie

Jim Gooding, an organic dairy farmer in Wisconsin writes, “The U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts a drop of 23 percent in income for the farming sector this year, on the heels of last year's 12 percent drop.

Proposed cuts in farm subsidy payments will account for a significant portion of the decrease in income, a fact farmers will have to get used to in a globalized free trade economy.

While subsidy programs are at best a very poor solution to a very big problem (low farm income), the real beneficiary of the subsidy program has always been the corporate grain buyers and the dairy and livestock processors.”

But don’t worry farmers, every average American is in line to share in the results of traitorous decisions made by our elected leaders: President Reagan, GHW Bush for giving China most favored nation status, Clinton for North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and World Trade Organization (WTO) and, of course, Dubya for finishing the job!

At one time, America had tariffs which protected our manufacturing industry. If a U.S. worker made $10 an hour and foreign worker made $2 an hour to make the same product, a tariff was imposed to equal the $8 per hour paid for cheaper labor. Because our government became more loyal to multinational corporations than American citizens, the tariffs were removed, jobs went outside the U.S. and America was flooded with cheaper products (Wal-Mart, dollar stores, etc.).

We now have a $700 billion trade deficit, thanks to our thrill at purchasing cheap goods. What do other countries do with all of those American dollars? Why they spend them by buying any profitable companies left in the U.S. Then the profits from those profitable companies go back to the country owning it.

Amoco profits now go to England. Most of the profits from Chrysler, Random House and GTE/Sylvania go to Germany. Ralston Purina and Gerber profits go to Switzerland, and on, and on. Instead of being a wealthy nation known for production, we are now consumers living with unprecedented debt.

If you have any courage whatsoever, go to for the whole story. It’s ugly. If there is any hope of saving the future of America, we must band together and get rid of the elected officials who have betrayed America, start counting votes, and elect people who can help us get out of this mess.

Aimee New