Monday, March 06, 2006

Balance Dowd with new Coulter column


Thank you for printing the op-ed by Ann Coulter (Feb. 24).

I may be stating the obvious; however, it seems the majority of articles in this forum have a recurring theme. Liberal authors can pretty much discuss issues as they see them; conservative authors' viewpoints tend to be muted unless they oppose the current administration's policies.

In fairness to all readers, we should see as many of Ann's as we do of Maureen Dowd's.

Response from Founding Daughter to above.

Conservative authors face an uphill battle in proving their viewpoints; lack of facts supporting their claims and inability to request the death of those whose viewpoints they don't like (unlike Ann Coulter) for fear of being arrested for "terrorist threats."

As for balance, Dowd at least sometimes comes up with an original idea. Coulter simply makes outrageous statements that could be heard at many a bar in Idaho at closing time.

I suspect she is mainly read by men named "Buck" who own pitbulls. Wait until they hear she's a transsexual!

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