Sunday, May 18, 2008

Take note, Idaho. Nate is great!

Sometimes it's difficult to even say the word e-e-e-election after the last 7 years. The resurrected Swift Boaters are eating money and preparing to take a BIG DUMP of you-know-what all over the Dem candidate; the flatus so far is merely a whiff.

Recently, someone whom I consider to be an exceptionally intelligent Democrat actually related one of Sean Hannity's bile-soaked statements as if it actually deserved consideration. My advice to him was to realize how many hugely important stories don't reach print in the US. Find trustworthy Internet sources and read foreign newspapers to see what this country is doing.

As for TV, I can only watch Bill Moyers, Keith Olberman, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report without totally stroking out. Note that entirely half of my TV time is meant to provoke laughter--one of the few fitting responses to the policies of this administration. It also enhances our sense of well being.

Nathan (above) is one of the youngest members of our extended family; he's an example what this next election is all about.

Nathan may be Spiderman's greatest fan. He recently saw Spiderman 3 in which Spiderman's suit changes to black. Nathan's whole-hearted embrace of Black Spiderman had some interesting consequences.

Returning home from work 2 days ago, Nathan's mom was greeted with an entirely naked child who had taken a black marker and colored his entire body, only missing the part of his back he couldn't reach.

You may wonder why Nathan's imagination was allowed to fly. His grandfather babysits while mom works. Grandpa's health is poor and Nathan quietly playing was probably a welcome experience.

He's a delightful child, but dismissed by George Bush like so many others...and he makes us laugh.

Did you know that Black Spiderman's genitals are black too? Nathan does.

Founding daughter

Friday, May 02, 2008

But, but, imported radioactive material can always be credited for Idaho's overwhelming Bush support!

Is there nothing about which this administration does not lie?

Mark Morford writes: "The truth is as sad as it is revolting: You have been
lied to, again and again, perhaps even more than you imagined...perhaps like
no other time in American history, in a more carefully orchestrated and
widespread effort than any presidential administration has managed to
attempt in the past."

George W. Bush and seven top officials made at least 935 false statements
just in the two years after 9-11 concerning the "threat" posed by Saddam

Surge success: Besides adding 30,000 more troops in Iraq, the US created
militias from at least 80,000 Iraqis, the majority Sunni militants some of
whom previously assaulted American forces, who are paid $10 a day and
operate outside the control of Iraq’s government.

Since 2003 about $20.4 billion has been approved for training Iraqi Security
Forces to take over US missions. See recent news reports on Basra.

KBR has avoided taxes by classifying its American workers as employees of
Cayman Islands shell companies for at least 4 years. There is a great loss
to the government, especially Social Security and Medicaid trust funds.

Bush’s claims of vet importance aren’t matched by his budgets. He killed
emergency funding in 2003 for $275 million for Veterans’ medical care; his
2004 budget fell $1.9 billion short of maintaining what we know is
substandard care. His 2005 budget cut funding by $13.5 billion over 5 years.

VA-provided number of suicide attempt in 2007 was 790. A recently uncovered
e-mail revealed a same-time e-mail: "Our suicide prevention coordinators are
identifying about 1,000 suicide attempts per month among veterans we see in
our medical facilities."

Add the military experts' "support" for the Iraq fiasco coordinated by the
White House. Look it up.