Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More Spittin' in the Snake

Story published at on Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Results of a recent 50-state survey reminded me of the Daily Mirror headline on 4 Nov. 2004; "How Can 59,054,087 People be so DUMB?"

Survey USA’s overall rating of Bush’s approval/disapproval showed his best results in Idaho with a 59% approval rating and a 36% disapproval rating. Automatically I think, "How can 59% of Idahoans be so DUMB?"

One can actually believe that there weren’t 59,054,087 people who voted for Bush. Dr. Dennis Loo of the University of Cal Poly Pomona reports widespread alterations in several states during 2004. George would tell you that those voting machines without paper trails must have come straight from heaven.

In Florida in 2004, Bush received more than 100% of the registered Republican votes in 47 of 67 counties, over 200% in 15 counties, and over 300% in 4 counties. Oddly enough, registered Dems who crossed over to Bush did not increase from 2000, and Independents dropped support by 15% since 2000.

Exit polls which have historically been the best monitor of election fraud were suddenly "without merit" as of November 2004. Statistician Dr. Steve Freeman reports that having exit polls unmatched by results only in precincts with no paper trails creates a 250 million to one chance that the exit polls were wrong. Another oddity; where results did not match exit polls, the results ALWAYS favored Bush.

In the last 5 years, the average American has seen the death of his right to vote, the death of honesty, the death of opportunity, the death of personal freedom, and a return to essential bondage with the Bankruptcy Act. Your elected Idaho senators and representatives in D.C. have all conspired to support this travesty of an administration. They voted for a Bankruptcy Act based on lies despite the fact that Idaho will be the tenth negatively impacted state. They voted to diminish the power of the Ethics Committee to protect Tom DeLay.

George Bush is a vengeful sociopath. How any ethical person can support the policies of this administration is beyond comprehension. How is it that so many who profess to be godfearing people are willing to go along with consistent patterns of malfeasance and destruction of the American dream.

Will you be willing to answer for this when you go to your perceived reward? George and his cabinet won’t be there for you.


Liberal viewpoints don't belong in T-N

Several letters to the editor have appeared in recent weeks in condemnation of The Times-News policy of printing editorials and comments representing the liberal point of view.

One letter described our community as one of the most conservative communities in the country. Speaking for everyone here, we want it just the way it's always been. We don't need or want change. We are happy in our own little, tiny world of ideas, and certainly don't need yours. How dare you intrude upon our lifestyle. We have rights to feel and speak openly.

Don't you see all the yellow ribbons, everywhere? That is support for our beloved president and his desire to do so well for our freedom. Without Bush's policies in Iraq and New Orleans, we might be at a loss for our freedom.

Look at our budget. The liberals want you to believe Bush has ruined the budget, but he represents our way of life so that is not possible. Most of us are doing OK making a living and paying the bills. If by chance you're not perhaps you shouldn't be in this country. We're all doing fine and taking care of ourselves. We'll work with anybody not needing any help. So when you ask about my current economy, it's just fine.

It is my intent to have Roe v. Wade overturned. If anybody wants an abortion, they'll have to have butchers do it illegally in back alley ways. That'll teach them. Focus energy on adoptions? I can't, because I'm expending all the energy I have to make abortions illegal.

We support our Constitution, but don't go spreading any ideas that don't represent my ideas.

Twin Falls

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