Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Tom DeLay - A "Good Person with a Different Ideology"

Also an originator of the K Street Project and malevolent persecution of Democrafts. DeLay, Norquist and Santorum started K Street to ensure that lobbyists, law firms and trade should only employ Republicans. Unethical or not, it resulted in a massive redirection of campaign money to the Republican Party.

Want to talk about cronyism? Regular Tuesday meetings were held by Rick Santorum and Republican lobbyists to discuss jobs open on K Street. Santorum then made sure loyal Republicans filled the slots, perhaps by a top White House aide or another loyal lobbyist.

This strategy worked vice-versa also; note Susan Ralston, Special Assistant to the President & Assistant to the Senior Advisor, Karl Rove, formerly Jack Abramoff’s executive assistant; Michael Scanlon former communications director for DeLay then an associate of Abramoff in ripping off Indian tribes; David Safavian, Chief Procurement Officer at the OMB arrested for obstruction of the investigation into Jack Abramoff’s business dealings with the Bush administration and Republican members of Congress...and on...and on...

Note how often you will see the name Abramoff associated with Delay in spite of Delay’s attempts to distance himself since Abramoff was indicted.

Beginning in 1995, Delay met with the 400 largest PACs and told, "if you want to play in our revolution, you have to live by our rules." In 1996, former RNC chairman Haley Barbour, tried the same velvet arm tactic which deteriorated into a shouting match. It takes practice to effectively strong-arm.

Republicans have been so effective at the "game," that in 10 years they have easily outstripped the Democratic corruption that was 40 years in the making. Unfortunately, under these Republicans, the security and infrastructure of the United States are being destroyed.

Delay’s history includes lying under oath, threatening the press, using campaign contributions to punish defectors, improperly influencing a congressional vote, being admonished for the appearance of corruption, diverting FAA resources from their appointed job to track Democrats in Texas, and the latest money laundering. Delay’s response to every charge is the same as that shown this past week. Truth is never an element of his multiple defenses, as in accusing the Texas prosecutor who brought charges of being bipartisan.

It’s easy to see why major failures have and will take place under this administration. Their business has not been your business; and now begins the harvest.


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