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Idahoans don't don rose-colored glasses, they GLUE THEM ON!

It seems that Cameron is very offended at the suggestion that Petraeus might be, well, a "plant," as was Mr. Thiebert in the link following my comments.
Founding Daughter

From Cameron in Story Commenting Forum:
" What is a joke is how a 4 star general was treated by Congress- a Congress that unanimously approved him for his position. What is a joke is the ad that came out slandering the general before he ever spoke. An ad of which Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said, "I don't buy into that. This is an honorable guy. He's telling the truth." What is a joke is Ms. Metcalf's characterization of the general's report as a "rosy picture", when his reports over the last 9 months have been anything but. He has laid out the positives and negatives of the situation in Iraq, and given his assessment of what needs to be done. The fact that a 4 star general's assessment of Iraq differs with Sharon Metcalf's does not make him a liar. The fact that anti-Iraq groups started their character defamation before General Petraeus even had a chance to give his report shows their irrational fear of any positive outlook for Iraq."

My response:
Cameron. A postscript to the “joke” of how Congress treated Petraeus is that they failed to inject a little reality into Petraeus’ background in Iraq when they had the opportunity. They should have pinned him to the board, much like an insect, for a close examination. The Independent of London reports that he is held at least partly responsible for the failure to train an effective Iraqi army, the capture of Mosul by insurgents, and the theft of the entire Iraqi arms budget in 2004-05.

Use your head. If we have a White House full of liars and crooks whose main objective is to keep this occupation going, any general who is touted as knowing what’s going on in Iraq supports their hallucinations or leaves. This is a general who was in on the biological warfare trailer lie, subsequently wrote an op-ed before elections in 2004 boasting of Iraq progress, and created the Special Police Commandos who have played such a role in fueling the civil war. Four retired generals have reported that the SPC needs to be disbanded because of their corruption and sectarionism.

Guess who held meetings in Mitch McConnell’s office last February to make a case for the surge? It starts with “P” and it’s not pissant...well, then again. Another perspective on what he’s done in Iraq is found in Petraeus & the Central Front Myth by Robert Parry. Defense Secretary Gates’ claim that there has to be political reconciliation in Iraq for a successful outcome would make one think that this administration and their toadies aren’t doing everything they can to keep what’s left of the country in turmoil. Dream on.

...and in today's (15 Sept.) Times-News...

Tired of hearing liberal accusations

It is Sept. 11, 2007, as I write this. And I am fuming as I hear our congressional leaders and treating our Gen. Petreaus accused of lying and treason or giving an honest and encouraging report on Iraq.

I'm tired of hearing liberals accusing conservatives of questioning their loyalty, which we have not done, but I'm afraid we have been too generous with some, and yes, I do question the loyalty of some of the Democrat leaders and even some Republican leaders in Congress of disloyalty.

They claim to support our troops out of one side of the mouth, and from the other accuse them of raiding "women and children in the dark of night," of lying to Congress, of other crimes, but do not take notice of the good things they do for the people of Iraq and elsewhere they are stationed.

These people fail to recognize that we lost the war in Vietnam because we were unwilling to support our servicemen and treated them like dirt when they returned home. We have not been willing to win a war since 1945.

And until we are willing to do so and win decisively, we will have to face greater and greater challenges until our freedom is gone forever.

If it is not bin Laden, it will be someone else, because we have shown weakness. If we are not willing to fight for our freedom, we deserve what we get. Remember: Freedom is not free, and thank your lucky stars for the men and women who are risking their lives and limbs to protect us.


Twin Falls

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