Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Idaho "Your Politician is More Corrupt Than my Politician!"

Politicians who should have resigned but didn't.

You have to love our political parties. It gets more laughable every day. It seems their goals are to destroy each other rather than run the country.

Now the Democrats are accusing the GOP of double standards regarding Larry Craig and his toe tapping. The poor guy may have just been asking for another square of toilet paper.

But let me get back to double standards and my response to them saying he should resign. Examples:

Ted Kennedy, while cheating on his wife, drove off a small bridge, ran off leaving Mary Joe to drown, came back 12 hours later. Was he asked to resign by the Democrats? No.

Harry Reid got caught in several very shady land deals. Was he asked to resign by the Democrats? No.

Charlie Rangle had a whorehouse running out of his basement. Was he asked to resign by the Democrats? No.

Bill Clinton, convicted of perjury, lied to a grand jury, lied to the world, his wife and his party on TV regarding sex in the White House, etc. Was he asked to resign by the Democrats? No.

Another democrat wrecks his car early one morning, enters drug rehab the next. Was he asked to resign by the democrats? No.

Sandy Burger steals papers that were damaging to his boss by stuffing them in his Fruit of the Looms; should have done jail time. Was he asked to step down? No.

Nancy Pelosi got the minimum wage raised; however, the people of American Samoa are not included. Who is the largest employer on American Samoa? Del Monte - 7,000 people. Guess whose district Del Monte's corporate offices are in? Fancy Nancy's. Was she asked to resign by the Democrats? No.

And the Democrats are crying double standards, go figure.


NOTE TO MIKE: Rangel, not Rangle. Berger, not Burger.

Chappaquiddick: Reprehensible, but still almost 40 years old.

Harry Reid's "shady" land deal consisted of transferring ownership of property he owned to an LLC in which he then took partial ownership equal to the land’s value. When the LLC sold the land, he made $700,000. In October 2006, Reid announced that he was filing a correction to his ethics form that would better represent the actualities of the arrangements surrounding the land deal and included 2 other small holdings previously unreported. In 6 days, CNN aired 17 REPORTS of allegations that Reid improperly reported a land deal in which he made $700,000. In June 2006, CNN aired 65 WORDS about a land deal in which House Speaker Hastert made nearly $2 million. The value rose after he earmarked taxpayer funding for a highway near the property, something CNN failed to report. Unlike Hastert, Reid was not alleged to have taken government action leading to his profit.

Mike, Mike, Mike. You really need to read those Googles carefully. This was not Charlie Rangel. Pat Buchanan recently asserted that Rep. Barney Frank "had a fellow running a -- basically a full-service whorehouse in his basement." Investigation by the House ethics committee discovered that a man's initial public assertions that he had run a prostitution ring out of Frank's residence were contradicted by evidence and the sworn testimony of third parties. I think this happened around 25 years ago.

Clinton was impeached for his lies about having sex with a consenting "adult." As deceptions and machinations perpetrated by this White House (responsible for massive death and destruction) continue to grow to unprecedented levels, I recall someone stating, "Will somebody please given George Bush a ---- job?

Patrick Kennedy accident. Since I don't have access to his medicine cabinet, I will not make conjecture as did Faux News when they broadcast "it has been reported that he is bipolar and has been in drug rehab before." Excuse me? Reported by whom? Then, licking their chops, they were able to once again talk about Chappaquiddick.

Sandy Berger theft. If only they'd been in e-mail form, he could have "disappeared" them like the 5,000,000 White House e-mails that vaporized.

Nancy Pelosi having Del Monte offices in her district? Somebody should have told her that she has the power to make them do what she wants--oops, I forgot, it’s only Bush who can do anything he wants. But thanks for thinking that up! A new White House excuse for corporate greed; blame the district representative!

Get real. We need ethics reform in government no matter what party, NOT to include rules about sex between consenting adults! We need to return the 4th estate to its intended purpose. We need to call a lie a lie, educate Americans about their true history, and start the long climb to actually being as principled as we have always claimed to be.

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