Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How Idaho's Craig could have avoided that egg (on his face)

Craig's problem is that he veered off the party line. First, he should have done a study on how many men have been charged with indiscretions in that restroom. If that didn't fit his needs, he then could have found out how many men were charged in that very stall. Add in every man who ever picked up a piece of paper and wasn't charged, add in everyone who has finished their business in a stall and found there was no toilet paper, add in every blue eye that peered into a stall, then go to the nearest hospital and add in men leaving after prostate surgery who have wide-based gaits. Then he could take the number of men who were not charged (with the original charge, but pled down), manipulated these numbers and presented a picture to prove his innocence...sort of like the Petraeus report. He should have never answered questions or admitted that the situation even existed. For someone who has been consistently in step with this administration, he missed the Bushco Boat.

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