Saturday, July 08, 2006


”FBI thwarts terrorist plot against NYC.”

It seems that terrorists had planned large-scale New York tunnel bombings designed to cover Manhattan with Hudson River water and wash away the World Trade Center site and Wall Street, along with the American economy.

They must have researched George’s half-assed-glass-half-full reports on the economy, which was like building their plan on sand instead of rock. Economy-crippling is one mission he really did accomplish.

As Buzzflash pointed out on July 7, “the idea of the Hudson River flowing UP into Manhattan defies the laws of physics. ”

So, to prove that the Sears Tower plot wasn’t a fluke of incompetent terrorists and total lack of imminent danger, the FBI had to release their latest contender for fish tale of the year. After all, what is a war on terrorism without terrorists?

Maybe the NY terrorists were caught by Bush’s great spy net trying to order boots or flippers from Sears which, of course, would be included in the previous information collection.

Either way, the plot is now history; not revisionist history, more like fairy tale history. However, George was furious that he will have to wait for the next hurricane to demonstrate how he holds back water with a staff.

I think what we have now in America are faith-based whoppers. Bush has faith that anyone who can still stomach his three-words-at-a-time speeches will swallow anything including a line with a fake worm attached.

All of this excitement is to prove that widespread, illegal domestic spying is worth abandoning our privacy. As Cheney said, if spying had been in place earlier, 9-11 would have never happened, despite Bush being handed a hard copy of the threat on August 3, 2001.

But oops, Bloomberg News reports charges filed in federal court papers stating that AT&T was asked by the NSA to assist with domestic call monitoring 7 months before 9-11.

Unless this group is planning a surprise “third time’s the charm” attack because we have been lulled by their rank stupidity, it’s time to return to wrapping fish and chips in newsprint instead of reading it.

I just can’t wait until Totalitarian Day. Then I can return to genealogy. I prefer finding illegitimate relatives to an illegitimate government.

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