Friday, July 07, 2006

No, she's a harlot, strumpet, trollop...

Is Michelle Malkin dumb or just evil?

This is a serious question — well serious in the same sense that a debate about which is worse, being bitten by a rattlesnake or a rabid skunk, might be considered serious.

Malkin’s the snake by the way. The question at hand is whether she’s also the skunk.

Unlike many progressive bloggers, I studiously avoid Fox News. I don’t read Ann Coulter’s columns and I’ve never voluntarily listened to more of a Rush Limbaugh radio broadcast than the time it took to change the channel. So I’m actually not much of an expert on the highly profitable (in terms of money not wisdom) world of extreme right wing columnists/commentators.

To be honest, it’s only recently that I even learned that Malkin exists (man was that a red-letter day), and then only because of the coverage her hatefulness garners on liberal websites.

But now I’ve watched her on television a few times. And yes, she strikes me as hateful, bigoted and revolting. But she also strikes me as something else — as dumb as a stump.

But still, my contact with her “work” has been limited. So I can definitely use some input from others.

So tell me what you think: Is Malkin evil and dumb, or just evil?

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sleight47 (Founding Daughter) Says:
July 7th, 2006 at 2:59 pm

The same question has been asked about our president! I don’t watch her (or “them”) either. Just keeping updated on the present scenarios is enough to curdle your gruel. Let’s go in a different direction here. I live in Idaho. People here believe there is no such thing as dumb (they’re entitled to their beliefs regardless of facts), nor is there such a thing as evil as long as it’s cloaked in Christianity. I think Malkin and her cohorts are better classified as belonging to the world’s oldest profession…they’re prostitutes. Some are men, some are women, but it’s all the same.

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