Wednesday, July 12, 2006

America worth celebrating every day
Twin Falls

In response to James W. Cimino’s letter which appeared on Tuesday, July 4:

Mr. Cimino explains that he won’t be celebrating Independence Day this year due to the disgrace the current administration has brought upon this country. Unfortunately, he neglects to share any specific examples of this disgrace, only saying his health won’t allow him to be so stressed.

How convenient. As it turns out, it’s infinitely easier to complain about how horrible something is and stop there than it is to back up claims with actual facts.

I wonder when Bush’s “self-serving values and leadership” began to destroy this country. Was it when he pledged to annihilate those behind 9/11? Since that day, how many more terrorist attacks has this country sustained?

How about when Saddam Hussein was removed from power after committing the most heinous acts of murder and genocide since Adolf Hitler’s time?

Maybe Bush started ruining America the day Al Zarqawi was killed; that certainly seems self-serving.

In every national address ever spoken by our president, God has been mentioned and even thanked. I’d hope God isn’t one of Bush’s disgraceful values. I’d continue with more examples of evil by our president, but I can’t. It’s not for health reasons — just the 300-word limit.

Even if Al Gore, John Kerry or even Hillary Clinton were president of the United States, I’d still be proud to live here. No Democrat or liberal can make me ashamed of this great nation because no single individual makes up this country, we, all of us, do.

Mr. Cimino signs off by saying “God Bless (and save) America.”

Lucky for us, God already has. He’s given us a country where we can say and do what we choose — even if what we choose to do is make unfounded (and fact-free) claims against the very man keeping our nation safe. I celebrated America yesterday, I will today and I’ll do it again tomorrow.

To everyone who’s made our country what it is today and to everyone who’s fighting to keep it that way, thank you; you’re in my prayers.

To all those who side with James Cimino’s views and are not proud to be Americans: Move out; you won’t be missed.
Bush tackled terrorism with time, fortitude

I was recently reading a letter to the editor by George Neumann of Kimberly.

I must admit President Bush’s tour of duty has been scary — if you listen to the liberal left’s spin. This country (USA) is truly hated for its standard of living and worldwide influence by the Middle Eastern Arabs. They excel in tourism. They have the funds and expertise to train killers and ways of securing necessary explosives and chemicals to perform the acts.

Think about prior terrorist attacks that killed thousands of innocent Americans, some before the Bushes’ time in office. A U.S. embassy in Jordan was attacked, killing many U.S. Marines and civilians. An attack by a terrorist ship loaded with explosives into one of our U.S. naval ships providing safety in the Mediterranean Ocean to oil transporting ships. More innocent Navy personnel killed. A ground attack on the World Trade Center and subway system, again killing more innocent people in New York City. Then the big one in September 2001 at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, killing thousands of more innocent people right here in the USA. Brutally killed. Now think about this, George. Since President Bush was “tricked into war” in Iran and Iraq, have the Taliban and other Middle Eastern terrorist organizations been able to plan and carry out attacks in this country? Thank God, no. We are now at war against terrorism. Where do you want to fight this war, George? Here in the USA or in the Middle East where it originates? Or do you just want to surrender and give up?

I think President Bush has taken an oath to protect this country and yours and my freedoms. This war is how he sees it being done. It may be a while, if it is ever completed.

REPLY TO ABOVE, submitted 7/10/2006

Respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality. -Frank Herbert

Some people not only never learn, they don’t even make the attempt. July 10 letters from Bush supporters Nick Barry and John Wilson make that evident.

I have been researching the illegal, covert behavior of this administration for over 5 years. Have either of you taken the trouble to actually read the Patriot Act, the National Security Act, or any such documents that systemically diminish our freedom?

George has outperformed Saddam by far with estimates of up to 250,000 innocent Iraqi victims. George approves of torture and manipulated an invasion into a sovereign country knowing they had no WMDs. Craig Murray, former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan actually wrote in protest of the invasion, knowing there were no WMDs in Iraq or terrorists, let alone any involvement in 9-11.

Bush has taken many oaths; he does not honor them; certainly not those to protect this country or our freedoms. In fact, he has signed caveats to 750 bills which essentially state "unless I say otherwise." Inquiries made by this enfeebled Congress are not answered due to "national security."

And here’s how safe you are, an extensive study with participation by terrorism experts of various persuasions can be viewed at

But just who do you think you are to suggest I leave this country? My family came to America in 1635 and helped build this country. They fought fiercely and included one of the original leaders of the Green Mountain Boys. But their work and that of others to create a place of freedom and equality faces destruction by this manipulative, underhanded administration and its believers.

How many true patriots are turning over in their graves?

Aimee New

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