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Mr. Potato Head Award!


Socialist Democrats will do anything for control

Our federal legislators many times get up to address their peers and say things that are false, inflammatory, and often slanderous, then assert the right to revise or edit before it is inserted in the record. It is claimed these august politicians should not be held accountable not only for what is said on the legislative floor, but also in public.

Politicians come into the public arena voicing outrageously slanderous statements against the administration and president. The statements are mostly false and slandersou because if they were true, they would have impeached the president before now. The Socialist Democrafts want President Bush out of office, period! Their voices have become shrill and outrageously seditious, if not treasonous and incessant until many no longer remember the truth.hey hope to regain power by turning public media who are their willing accomplices. The Vietnam war was not lost on the battlefield but in the media, egged on by the real radicals, our Socialist-Democratic caucus.

Yes, there is a place for serious, reasoned and truthful debate on matters of national security and troop disposition -- that is on the legislative floor and not in the public arena. They haven't been winning elections or arguments on the legislative floor, so they come to the public with innuendoes, half-truths. The Socialist Democratic leadership knows well the principle that if they repeat something often enough, they will eventually lead many to believe it is the truth. This way they turn public opinion and cause confusion, distrust, unrest and anger against the target of their venom. Their irresponsible public statements jeopardize efforts in the war on terrorism and the lives and morale of our honorable men and women in the service.

These people are only interested in the power they lost. Their damage control, and plan for our future, is to discredit anyone else. This is also the politics of personal destruction and unwillingness to accept the obvious. People seem so ready to believe that all government, even our government, is evil. Some alternatives to our form of government are socialism-communism, anarchy or totalitarianism. Our form of government is still the best.

Kenneth Kuhlman

“See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda." —George W. Bush, 5/24/05.

In attempting to reveal the not-so-hidden agenda of this presidency I am only too aware of those who continue to waltz down country roads yelling about “socialist Democrats” in blissful ignorance. This fight has nothing to do with Democrats, Republicans or Independents. It has everything to do with recognizing what is happening to our country and trying to stop it.

It is ludicrous to suggest that mainstream media is an accomplice of Democrats. BushCo has manipulated the media endlessly; inviting editors to the White House claiming a threat to national security if domestic spying were revealed before the 2004 election; repeating the effort when the issue surfaced again in 12/05; paying columnists to write favorably about administration programs; abridging government agency reports to minimize negative aspects while enhancing their own agenda.

Only recently has the media begun revealing some of the truth of the past 5 years. Is it treasonous to object to the president disregarding our basic constitutional rights? Is it treasonous to protest against administration war crimes? BushCo spies on America for their benefit--not ours, as when they used the NSA to spy on UN delegates hoping to gain leverage in their race to war. No thinking person can possibly believe all of this surveillance is for protection from terrorists. With this group, it’s far more likely for blackmail.

Let’s talk about the politics of personal destruction: Review the slander aimed at John McCain when he came to South Carolina after a 19-point win against GWB in the 2000 primary. Immediately there was a concerted push poll instituted which suggested that McCain’s adopted Bangladeshi daughter was his own illegitimate Black child. The same method was used by the Swift Boaters during their merry bob in sewage. Truth is not a basic ingredient in BushCook.

This GOP congress has been complicit in every underhanded, preferential legislation passed during this administration, and they’re not about to impeach the originator of the feast. So pull your head out and do a little investigating. Start with a few General Accounting Office reports. If you really want to keep America free, you’ll go on from there.


Media bias for Bush? Coverage shows otherwise

Regarding the media advisory to Bush, Jan. 5:

The author seems to believe that the mainstream media cater to Bush. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many books have been written on the subject, all coming to the same conclusion -- the media is heavily biased toward the Democrats. All one has to do is follow what the main stream media prints and what the facts are.

For example: National Security Agency tapping into calls from terrorists out of the country to people -- citizens or not -- within the country has been upheld by the courts several times. If the media want to impeach Bush, then all living presidents will have to be impeached also. This includes Clinton and Carter. The top party members of both parties on the Senate Intelligence Committee were briefed on all of the wire taps on a regular basis. Absolutely no problems expressed by the Democrats until The New York Times article. This right has been exercised by presidents from George Washington on. All one has to do is review the appropriate Federalist Papers. Yes, George intercepted mail. Maybe the author would rather see citizens die rather than stopping them. The Abramoff scandal has been portrayed as a Republican problem; the fact is that about half of the recipients are Democrats, including Harry Reid, Hilary Clinton, Schumer, and on and on. The forged documents about Bush's service in the National Guard; about 19 out of 20 political cartoons published in The Times-News are anti-Bush. The distortions and lies go on daily. They are very hard to miss.

McCain must not have been too upset; he supported Bush in that election. Kerry never offered any proof that the Swift Boaters where wrong. In fact, evidence supports their case. All Kerry had to do was release his military record.

Our left-leaning Times-News can never be considered balanced as along as all of its political news comes from the Associate Press, USA Today, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, etc. All card-carrying members of the Democratic Party.

Twin Falls

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