Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oops, forgot Ms. Robinson's response

Letter published 12/19/05 in Times-News, Twin Falls

Dems still too entrenched in anger politics.

The Democrats that spew so much hate always try to destroy the messenger because not one of them could destroy my message. It makes them feel big and tough to try to kill anyone they disagree with.

I don’t remember mentioning any of the three lovely ladies that loved my letter. I never try to destroy personally but then, like I heard kids say on the playground, “I wish your mother had you aborted,” that’s how children and Democrats talk now – and they are dead serious.

May I remind the sweet person from Hailey that it certainly is not the GOP, it’s the Democrats that are trying to promote abortion, no prayers in school, no God in the Pledge and no Christ in Christmas.

The sweetheart from Twin Falls who was so quick to put me down, she did not take time to read my letter, so she lied.

I moved back to Idaho in 1988. I was born in Idaho in 1934, moved to Magic Valley in 1960, to Colorado in 1982, back to Idaho in 1988.

Now she wants me to shut up because she says she is a Democrat and a Christian? I don’t go around telling everyone I’m a Republican and a Christian. She wants me to believe that all the Democrats I listen to in Congress are atheists! Really? I had a professor tell me one time only the very shallow people attack you personally! They have no facts and could not dispute any of mine.

A good Democrat told me he hates Bush because Bush thinks he is an (expletive) Christian. Facts, just the facts, ladies.

Fact: Democrats now are acting like little children by saying they voted for the way but the devil made me do it, i.e., Bush. They can’t even think for themselves anymore because they simply have no brains or guts!

Right, play the blame game; never take responsibility for their own actions. The Democrats would turn America over to the United Nations in a heart beat. There goes your freedom, folks!

E Robinson

Try a basis of fact to refute Democrats

Regarding Democratic votes for the war, may I direct Mrs. Robinson to wherein the first paragraph reads:

"Washington, DC -- The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) has produced a report that clearly rejects White House assertions that Congress had access to the same intelligence as the President in the march to war with Iraq, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) announced today."

Read the report, Mrs. Robinson.

Stating that responses to your letter "have no facts and could not dispute any of mine," makes me consider that you must have a peculiar definition of the word "fact." I quote:

"Fact: People who oppose the coal-fired plant are hypocrites because not a one of them have quit using power or driving because they believe we can keep bringing in 11,000 illegals year after year and never run out of power."

Huh? or this:

"Fact: 2,000 soldiers have died in Iraq in three years, yet the Democrats don’t care that more than 16,000 citizens are killed in America and most in Democratic blue states."


These are not facts. They are accusatory opinions with no basis in fact. What possible relationship exists between 16,000 citizens killed in America and the deaths of soldiers in Iraq? And how do you read the minds and track the behavior of all Democrats and opponents of the coal-fired plant? Have you been paid to write letters for BushCo?

History will not treat GWB or his die-hard supporters kindly; unless of course they follow their usual practice and produce an "abridged" version.

What kind of people hop into a Christmas versus Happy Holidays debate when the very sky is falling in? The same people who want to vilify fellow Americans because that's how BushCo works, with hatred, fear, lies and manipulation.

Despite never-ending evidence of administration corruption, you choose to blame all of society’s ills on Democrats?

These issues have been around for years and years, yet it takes BushCo, et. al., to make them tools of diversion to mask their destruction of America.

Stan Metcalf

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