Monday, January 15, 2007

Redneck Idahoans who support Bush -- Stand on your heads before reading

Idaho and Utah typically grab first and second places in presidential approval polls. I don’t know if this is because, as one letter suggested, red necks signify no blood reaching the brain, or if people have burned an admonition to “follow the rule of the land” into their brains. The latter does not mean to stand idly by while the rule of the land is arbitrarily changed.

In an article titled ‘How Do You Spell “DICTATOR”?’, Elliot Cohen notes predictors ignored by mainstream media (paraphrased), such as a president who made facts fit the policy, deceived the nation into going to war; got Congress to transfer war-declaring power to him under false pretenses; systematically engaged in warrantless wiretapping while denying same; invaded personal banking records; canceled the right of habeas corpus for anyone he deems to be an unlawful enemy combatant; infiltrated and spied upon peaceful anti-war groups; paid journalists to tout administration policies; hired PR companies for phony war success stories; exempted himself from following many of the laws he signed; permitted abuse of detainees; and was never truly elected to office in 2004 (when suddenly exit polls were no longer reliable indicators).

The major news agencies are still owned by those who have benefited the most from this administration’s policies, and they have a big stake in keeping control of what we know. But there are alternatives; a few cited below.

Bush Tells a Tale, Dan Froomkin

Interview with Scott Ritter and Seymour Hersh on White House Plans for Regime Change

Peace is Possible in Iraq, Lisa Farino and Medea Benjamin

New U.S. Embassy in Iraq cloaked in mystery, AP file

Bush: Iraq Troop Boost Going Forward

Sharon Metcalf
Submitted to Times-News 1/14/07

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