Monday, January 15, 2007

Idaho Supports a dicTATER and a DICKtator

On Sunday’s 60 Minutes, President Bush admitted that he had watched Saddam Hussein’s execution--but only until right before the trap door opened. But then, Bush has "readers," much like kings used to have "tasters." If the "reader" finds something critical (distasteful), he makes sure the president is kept in his normal state of blissful ignorance. So I doubt Bush knows about the former Nuremberg prosecutor who some time back stated that he (Bush) should be tried along with Saddam for war crimes.

Meanwhile, there’s an urban legend concerning Cheney’s youth. Seems he dropped a glass milk bottle which broke, milk everywhere. Dick stood there glaring at the milk as it spread. His mother raced to the kitchen, took the situation in and said, "Richard, jutting your chin out will not clean up this mess." Cheney turned to his brother, Robert, and said, "Well, then what’s your plan for cleaning up my mess?"

With great portions of Iraq destroyed and some estimates of over 600,000 Iraqi civilians dead, Bush was asked whether this war had been botched. "Not at all. I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude."

Rejecting assertions that Bushco repeatedly lied to instigate this war, Bush said his spirits were strong. Well, duh, I’d have to stay pretty drunk too if I had set such a disaster in motion let alone insisted on keeping it going.

Bush stated Saddam’s execution could have been handled better, but luckily didn’t add "at Abu-Ghraib." He also wants us to know he is not a "revengeful" person. But that might be because he is actually a preemptively vengeful person. Ask some of the people who ran against him in elections. Ask those who have been sacked for not toeing the line.

Aimee New

Submitted to Times-News 1/11/07

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