Friday, June 23, 2006


Where are Rove’s Machiavellian plots? Or are these two laughable diversions actually designed to distract from more realistic diversions?

The Santorum and Hoekstra "revelation" of WMDs discovered in Iraq has been destroyed by the Department of Defense, yet they are still pushing this Bushwah. How’s this for their origin: In 1992 Ted Kopple reported that it was increasingly clear that George Bush Sr. had initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence, and military help during the 1980's that built Iraq’s military power.

Seven arrested in plot to attack the Sears Tower! A senior federal law-enforcement source told the Chicago Tribune that there was no threat at all, that the seven men had "aspirations" but "no means" to attack the Sears Tower.

Otherwise, the Bushbots saw to stripping the addendum barring permanent bases in Iraq out of the $94.5 billion emergency spending bill.

Quiz: What is costing us $592 million? What will cover 104 acres? What will be surrounded by 15 foot thick walls? What will consist of 21 buildings, restaurants, shops, gym, swimming pool, beauty salon, movie theater, 619 apartments and be entirely self sufficient.

Answer: According to Nicholas von Hoffman in The Nation, it’s what the locals call "George W’s Palace," AKA American Embassy.

Are you ready yet to discard the little crumbs Bushco throws out concerning staged withdrawal?

Are you familiar with the word occupation?

Are you prepared to lose more loved ones to George’s pet project?

If Santorum and Hoekstra want to bring up "discoveries" to support the lies, then I feel compelled to bring up the Department of State list of 45 countries (made just before September 11, 2001) where there were active members of Al Qaeda. Why wasn’t Iraq on this list?

Sharon Metcalf

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