Friday, May 12, 2006


Instead of the fury that should erupt when you find your government conducting an overall spying program on the average American, too many citizens are like cows, standing in the field, happy to chew their cuds while the world outside disintegrates.

Susan G at Daily Kos lists 10 items of note for those who support this type of program at For those without computer access, I will paraphrase:

1. It doesn’t make sense to make the haystack bigger when looking for a needle.

2. Being mere citizens, we won’t ever know the cost of this program, but you can bet it’s not cheap.

3. You are being lulled into acceptance by a group who has repeatedly lied to America in order to get their way.

4. The president is not above the law. The program is illegal.

5. The information is available to all subcontractors in the program and there is no general oversight.

6. Do you really want the world to know how often you contact your healthcare providers? Picture being denied coverage in the future.

7. Bushco is in bed with big business. What’s to stop them from sharing info gleaned from records of an innovative new company.

8. This is the largest database in the world. We know this group. Very likely their database holds even more than has been revealed.

9. What’s to prevent an “innovative” NSA or subcontractor employee from watching the way this administration operates and deciding, “Wow, I could blackmail _____ with this!”

10. It’s unAmerican (the old America).

Remember this: If you don’t guard your basic rights, this administration certainly won’t!

Sharon Metcalf

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