Tuesday, May 16, 2006


A warning for those whose eyes are Fox News logos shining out of their solid brick heads.

You are a group that marches in step. All Bushco has to do is hype an issue to set off every stiff-necked, righteous fool in the area.

Those of you writing in about illegal immigration, do you really have any idea what is going on in this country? Bushco has done far more to bankrupt your future than every Hispanic in North America ever could, legal or “illegal.”

How many of you so concerned about the law readily dismiss the rampant corruption of this administration? How many support the illegal wiretapping? Forgive media manipulation? Ignore the murder of soldiers (85% of whom think Saddam was involved in 9-11) and untold Iraqi citizens? Have you taken on the companies who hire illegals or is it only those to whom you feel superior who should answer for their crimes?

The illegal immigration issue sat in limbo until scandals called for another diversion. The biggest problem we face is that thanks to Bushco and laws written by corporations, you just might have to vie with an illegal immigrant for the chance to flip burgers or clean toilets while trying to survive on a bottomed-out dollar.

Mike Whitney recently wrote, “In just 6 years, Bush has taken the world’s strongest currency and chopped it into finely ground hash. By the time people rouse from their stupor, the greenback will be eye to eye with the peso.”

I suppose it will be poetic justice for those who march to Bush’s drummer to experience what George and corporate America have in store for them. It’s called the other end of the stick. Unfortunately, way too many innocents will be sharing the experience.

Sharon Metcalf

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