Monday, June 30, 2008

Define "political correctness" for me, Idaho.

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Quit carrying 'political correctness' to nth degree

I hope the rhetoric used by officials of the Idaho Democratic Party is not indicative of the whole.

If it is, the party deserves to lose ground this fall. I am referring to the statements made by Chuck Oxley, the party's communications director, in the Times-News regarding remarks made by a guest on the Zeb Bell talk show. Having not heard the program or the remarks in question, Oxley encouraged advertisers to pull sponsorship from Lee Family Broadcasting. Oxley went on to say, "We think those advertisers should know that he (Bell) has made this clearly racist statement and should think about pulling their advertising." If Bell didn't make the statements (he claims he didn't), then, if there is an apology due, it should be to Bell and Lee Family Broadcasting by Mr. Oxley and a recantation on urging sponsors to withdraw their advertising. Nationwide, liberals cannot compete with talk radio so they're out to destroy it. It may not have been Mr. Oxley's goal in this case but the effect is the same.

In recent years, Lee Family Broadcasting has raised $250,000 for Boys and Girls Club, The Wishing Star Foundation, Camp Rainbow Gold and funds toward the construction of a local high school track. It raised $17,000 for a Christmas dinner and party for underprivileged children. Kat Kountry and local high schools collected over 2,000 toys and presents for kids plus turkeys for Thanksgiving and has helped keep area food banks stocked. Zeb Bell is involved in Meals On Wheels. This year, Lee Family Broadcasting will once again raise money for the Rupert fireworks.

So instead of urging sponsors to pull their advertising, voices with an opposing view should be using radio to express those views and quit carrying "political correctness" to the nth degree.



(Editor's note: Allen Lee is a former president and stockholder in the Lee Family Broadcast Group).

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Sharon Metcalf (id:sleight47) wrote on Jun 29, 2008 1:17 PM:

"Thank you, Mr. Lee. Finally, someone admits that talk radio, at least, does not belong under the “liberal media” blanket. But let’s look a little closer at what you call ‘ “political correctness” to nth degree.’

Cassidy Friedman wrote in the Times-News: “Both Bell and Lee say there is no audio recording of the show, which Bell admits included unchecked racist statements by his guest. Lee said there usually is a broadcast recording, but a technical difficulty forced them to halt recordings.”

How interesting. Zeb Bell’s cries of innocence must be echoing around the studio, mixed with his murmurs of freedom of speech. I mean, Bell can’t be held accountable for statements made by his friend, Frosty Wooldridge, can he?

Of course not–even though this is an easily recognizable ploy used by corporate media. Guests who perpetuate hate-mongering are simply exercising their right to free speech. The fact that the talk show host doesn’t disagree with his guest’s curdled reasoning is all the confirmation his regular listeners need.

Rory O’Connor’s book “Shock Jocks” product description:

“The highly politicized and often factually challenged world of talk radio dominates a sizable portion of America’s airwaves. But the dirty secret of talk radio’s success is the use of hate speech masquerading as free speech. In this book, Rory O’Connor tackles the “hate talk establishment” and shows how huge media conglomerates not only make hate talk possible but make it enormously profitable. He profiles the country’s ten worst shock jocks, including Don Imus, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage, and describes how they use the guise of “not being politically correct” to ratchet up their anti-gay, anti-woman, and overtly racist language. He then shows how their celebrity leads to a climate that not only tolerates but actually perpetuates racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic attitudes — making America a coarser, more dangerous place.”

...Until people realize that hate-mongering, terrorist alerts, haircuts and skin color are merely meant to occupy the unwashed masses while our “leaders” recreate an America of master and slave...And they’re well on their way.

Objecting to this sort of radio show is NOT “political correctness to the nth degree.” It’s the awakening of citizens who want the real issues addressed and the diversions stopped. "


Sisyphus said...

It was an excellent response. Thanks for writing it. It needs a much wider distribution.

Tara A. Rowe said...

I second Sisyphus.