Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm confused...

Why are we legislating against unions between consenting homosexual adults? Seems to me there is far more harm done to society by hidden Republican homosexuals whose unresolved issues morph into hate for their ilk. We should be legislating against allowing unadmitted homosexuals to become Republicans; (Rove? Mehlman? Craig? [sorry, but I even wonder about our "leader," with his macho swagger], etc., etc.). Seems likely they've caused one heck of a lot more trouble for us. And yes, I am being facetious, but it's Saturday and I have to work. Oh yes, and Haggard -- who incidentally is looking much more haggard as time passes. Must be exhausting making up those intricate, believable excuses. "I bought it but I threw it away." "I only got a massage."

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