Friday, February 24, 2006

Petty attacks on Bush are all liberals have

It's in ongoing saga, the hate for George W. Bush. One thing for the liberals, they get set on something, they stay with it, don't they?

After the 2000 election, their target was "get George Bush," and no amount of national tragedy or world trauma diverts them. In every situation, we see them -- national Democratic leaders and major media -- searching diligently for a chance to charge George Bush with some deviation from duty.

Barney, down in Hagerman, thinks he is a pea-brain, and a lady over in Gooding calls him a dumbbell, and they all fancy themselves ahead of the curve on insight about George Bush's presidential performance.

The truth is, they don't have a clue. It looks like he has stayed ahead of the game fairly well and could do a lot better if he would turn a deaf ear to all those folks who keep hammering him about needing to be more liberal-minded and condescending. If the country wanted to go more liberal, perhaps the voting the last two elections would have gone that direction. It was close, but we narrowly escaped major catastrophes both times. With the mind-set of both opponents, how would we have survived?

It's pretty clear that the hate for Bush overrides any positive direction for the nation in the liberal minds. I fear that it will take another national tragedy to shake them loose from that one goal to "get George Bush"! We can't win the war against the terrorists, for that would support George Bush. Somehow or other, he is at fault for every dreadful thing that comes along -- the hurricanes, terrorist attacks, including 9/11. now Vice President Cheney has accidentally shot a hunting companion. Surely, George Bush is somehow to blame and Cheney must have had some ulterior motive! Liberals scheme and connive like 3-year-olds in the sandbox.

As for the war, it's a war on terrorists and not a specific nation. It was true military strategy to invade Iraq, for one of the first tactics of a commander is to cut off the enemy's source of supply. That seedbed of terrorism was at least that, having already positioned itself in rebellion against United Nations decrees. An old proverb, I think, sums up the whole picture: "Wisdom is justified by her children."

Twin Falls

Letter below appeared in The Times-News' edition of 03/04/06.

Stupidity, outrage, vanity, cruelty, iniquity, bad faith, falsehood—we fail to see the whole array when it is facing in the same direction as we.
Jean Rostand (1894–1977)

Come, come, Mr. Lawley. Surely you can do better than defend George by stating he has stayed ahead of the game. All he’s stayed ahead of is the law. As for him turning a deaf ear to liberal “hammering,” I can’t imagine you are speaking of the same president who hand-picks his audiences and even provides questions for them to ask–that is if any questions are allowed.

Isn’t it amazing, though, that after years of fear-mongering in order to get the American people to let him do anything he wants to ensure their “safety,” suddenly it’s okay to have the United Arab Emirates manage our ports? It couldn’t be that there are business benefits to any of the Bushes, could it? You know, like connections to The Carlyle Group or the UAE funding a Bush brother’s education software, or the $1 million donation to the Bush Library in Texas?

Philadelphia talk show host, Michael Smerconish, writes, “...a year after Bin Laden served formal notice of his intention to kill Americans anyhow, anywhere, the CIA appropriately tracked his whereabouts and was prepared to take him out, but was denied the opportunity because of the presence of high-level UAE officials who were socializing with the head of Al Qaeda. Worse, when the United States alerted the UAE of their displeasure with these contacts, the UAE’s response was to tip off Bin Ladin and further thwart our efforts to kill him.”

Mr. Lawley’s feeble excuse that this is a war on terrorists and not a specific nation only makes me wonder at his “ability to process information.” Wouldn’t it seem logical, since the hijackers were from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, that they would be invaded before Iraq? We already know there were no weapons of mass destruction, no 911 hijackers, and it took some time after that to think up the “spread democracy” lie.

I think it might be time for my immediate and extended family to stop attempting to inform the 55% of Idahoans who support Bush that their country is circling the drain. If they’re that stupid, they won’t even notice when we become a third world country.

Gene New

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Great closing, Gene! Sad but makes a very good point...